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Hi, cool video to watch for everyone

2   8 days ago

Hi, cool video to watch for everyone

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Q&A: Can I pee inside my partner?

My wife and I (both 23) have what I would call an extremely healthy, adventurous sex life. I have a question about something we do once in a while. Can I safely urinate inside my wife during intercourse? We don't do it all the time, but it feels amazing and turns us both on a lot. What are the risks to this? I haven't been able to find much information on it. We have done this in the past with no problem, but she is pregnant right now and we want to be safe. Thank you for the help; I was really excited to see you guys are doing this for people!

—Joe S.

Please your response is welcome

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Overwhelming Sex

Need Ideas Please 

I met a man few months ago. Our relationship is very sexual. At the beginning I liked it (first few times). He is very rough in sex and I thought I am the same. We do a lot of deep throat, anal, light spanking... and he usually wakes me up during night few times to have more. I didn’t mind first few nights, but I’m finding myself overwhelmed when he is coming over (or going to his). I also keep ending up with injuries (first time infection, second time ripped skin under my tongue, third time pain in my bum area). I had conversation with him if we can slow down many times. I also said that maybe we can date without sex for a little bit, but it didn’t happen. I sometimes tell him “no” during the sex and he still pushes me into it (I give in).

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he is great. We have lot of in common, he is really interested in me, brings me presents all the time, flowers etc. Not sure if you have any advice ?! I almost feel abused in the bedroom (but because we agreed on rough sex prior I feel responsible)

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My husband doesnt want sex

Hi. I am not sure why i am here but i am so upset and so here goes.

I am married to a wonderful man, he is thoughtful and kind and is a great Dad to our children. He is also absolutely beautiful and I fancy the pants off him. But he has depression and says he has absolutely no drive. We’ve had sex twice this year.

We are the best of friends and we’ve had a wonderful Christmas together. But last night I asked him if we were going to have sex anytime soon and he said no. So i went to bed feeling unattractive and unwanted again. I broke my heart through the night.

We woke up this morning and he asked me if I was in a mood with him. I told him he had hurt me and he said that it is tiring seeing me cry over sex again and again when I know he cant and doesnt have any libido.

So tonight I asked him if he masturbates and he said he doesnt. So i asked him when the last time was and he said ‘a few weeks ago’ so I asked him if he had the urge to do it then why it wasnt with me? He just looked at me. So of course I started crying and said ‘so the problem is me’ and he just put his head down. I walked upstairs and now I am completely heartbroken in the bedroom. He hasnt followed me, he is downstairs watching a film.

I dont understand it, we are such good friends and we laugh and we flirt constantly. He pulls his weight with housework, he is a big cuddler and he looks after me. I look after him and I always put his needs before my own. I am not ugly, i have a lot of male attention even though things are starting to go south now that I have breastfed two kids and im in my mid thirties. I have always been labelled as the ‘attractive one’ in my group of friends, I dont believe I am, but the only person I want to find me attractive is my husband. I take care of myself, my make up is always done, my hair styled - not for him but for me - he will tell me I look nice but he doesnt care about making love to me. Or making any effort in that way.

I called his Dr a few weeks ago and the Dr said he would call him. He did - and my husband wouldnt take the call.

What do i do? I am completely heartbroken.

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5 things a man should do to last long

These are six activities after first round to Keep going Long on second round. 

1. Eat banana 

Generously ensure you have banana inside your cooler. Following you do initially adjust. Eat only 2 bananas and start once more. 

2. Drink Milk 

This milk will invigorate you extra to fulfill her more in second round. 

3. Eat unpleasant kolla 

After your first round, eat only one severe Kolla, don't drink water on it. 

4. Drink water 

Simply drink a glass cup of water after your first round and start the subsequent one. This one work impeccably and you can last as you wish. 

5. Wash your Hood.

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